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December 2014

The last service at Mytholmroyd.

December 2013

The last service at Lumbutts, Todmorden was conducted by Rev Alistair Newton on 22nd December 2013. See the Halifax Courier report.

August 2013

The last service at Old Town, Hebden Bridge was conducted by Rev Alistair Newton on 18th August 2013.

July 2013

The Society at West End, Queensbury, ceased to meet on 7th July 2013, 125 years after the first worship took place in the building.

October 2012

Andrew Teal takes over as the webmaster.

September 2012

The final worship at Ebenezer, Bailiffe Bridge, was on Sunday 9 September 2012, all the other community bookings have been closed over the following months, and the building is now closed for all.

August 2012 Praise for our website!

Rob Lolley of the Leeds Mission Circuit has written to us saying:

'As one who has visited literally hundreds of Church and Circuit websites as part of my work, I want to tell you that this is far and away the best I have ever seen. This is quite superb and I congratulate you most sincerely on a brilliant site'.

August 2012 From the Halifax Courier:

A new church could be built in Greetland and another one sold off under plans being proposed by local Methodists.

The project would also bring into use community facilities seven days a week. The Church Council of Greetland and Lindwell Methodist Church is putting proposals before the Calderdale Methodist Circuit on September 17. And, an exhibition and consultation exercise takes place at the Greetland church building, on September 1st from 10 am to 4 pm.

Church treasurer and project manager Geoff Butler said an earlier £700,000 scheme put forward in 2009 proved unsuitable.

A new, £425,000 development is now on the table which would see the church on Rochdale Road demolished and replaced with a new multi-use church building.

The church at nearby Lindwell will be closed and put on the market with the last worship to take place there timed for July 7, next year.

A series of events are planned over the next year to celebrate its history which started when Primitive Methodist missionaries preached at the nearby well.

That church dates from 1837 and the other is 35 years old. Currently, worship alternatives between the two churches.

“We are looking at various opportunities for securing funding and also people within the church are also contributing money,” said Mr Butler.

“We want to provide a building which could be used seven days a week and possibly have a drop-in facility for the community to pop in for coffee.

“This is an exciting time for the church here in Greetland, where we are looking to develop further all the work we currently do with the community, which will be facilitated by having better premises.”

Mr Butler said leaflets would be distributed locally promoting the consultation when further information will be made available.

May 2012 Warley Circuit Garden Party

Thank you for all you did last weekend to make the circuit garden party a success. We cleared over £4,600 which gave each of our seven charities £650 with a bit left in the account to start next year.

The weather obviously helped a lot but it was all your hard work that made it such a good day.

With the match funding from Lloyds, Caroline and Mark may be able to add another £500 each to two of the charities.

Unfortunately I don't have the email addresses of everyone who helped so please could you pass on the circuit's thanks to anyone not included above. It may still be possible to put it in your notices on Sunday, such as:

"Thank you to everyone who helped to make the Circuit Garden party a success. We raised £4,550 to be divided between the seven chosen charities for this year. Well done everybody!"

Thank the Lord for such a wonderful day.

Catherine and Paul.

February 2012

Halifax Methodism Poster

Luddendenfoot URC

At CMBC's Cabinet Meeting this evening it was proposed and accepted that Luddenden Foot Community Association be given a 25 year lease on the property from September 2012, thus securing the future of the Church and the other users.

Thanks to all for your support - the hard work starts here.

Andrew & Heather Hartwell

(Luddendenfoot URC were facing homelessness if this deal didn't go through, and have been very involved in the fight to secure the building for several years. This is the answer to a lot of prayers, but also means a lot more needs to be done - we'd value the prayers of our friends around the Circuit).


Reminiscences of Clifford Lees from his 60 years as a local preacher

January 2012 From the Courier

Hundreds of homeless and vulnerable people in Halifax were given food and support over the festive period.

The award winning Food and Support Drop In hands out food parcels and provides advice and support to those who need it most every Saturday morning at the Ebenezer Church on St James Road in Halifax.

On December 17, volunteers gave out a record 150 food parcels in preparation for Christmas.

Then on Christmas Eve, they gave out 125 food parcels and a further 117 on New Year’s Eve.

On Christmas Day, 51 clients sat down for dinner at the church with 22 volunteers.

The clients sat down together for a turkey dinner with vegetables.

The catering was provided by family run caterers SMiLES of Brighouse, with other donations from Sainsbury’s in Brighouse and Parfetts cash and carry.

Lisa Cox from the Food and Support Drop In, said: “People were not sure if we were going to be open over Christmas so we had a record number who came down to stock up,” she said.

“On Christmas Day it was quite chaotic but there was a really nice atmosphere and everyone was grateful,” she said.

Antony Edwards, from SMiLES, said he enjoyed Christmas Day at the church.

“It’s something we’ve wanted to do since last year,” said Antony, who runs Smiles with his wife Angie and their family.

“If anything there was a bit more pressure because we didn’t know how many we were cooking for or how demanding the people would be, but it was a very enjoyable experience,” he said.

“Almost everyone came up to us afterwards and thanked us, which you so rarely get with people who have paid hundreds of pounds for catering. It was very humbling.”

“There was a jolly atmosphere in there and we’ll definitely be doing it again next year.”

Last year the Food and Support Drop In won Charity of the Year at the Courier’s Community and Environment awards.

As well as food packages, which include essentials like tined food, pasta and sauce and toiletries, the volunteers provide advice on housing and benefits.

November 2011


Reminiscences of Clifford Lees from his 60 years as a local preacher

May 2011

Circuit Garden Party 2011

A big thank you to all those who helped make this year's circuit garden party a success. The weather managed to behave itself and this was reflected in our takings.

The cleared profit was just over £4,200, allowing £600 to go to each of our good causes, (MHA, Action for Children, Home Missions, Overseas Missions, World Relief & Development Fund, Overgate Hospice and Teen Challenge).

Everyone worked hard to get the best out of what they were doing. Far too many to name them all, although the work of the team from Stones and the scouts, who did so much to get the gazebos up on Friday night was a key factor. Rev. Albert Gayle, this year's committee chairman was a support throughout.

It may be that folk have suggestions for next year, and if so can we ask that you let us have these before you forget them!

Lots of the photos of this event can be seen by clicking here:

Thank you all again

Catherine & Paul Hinton

January 2011

The last sevice was held at Luddenden and Midgley Church.

Southowram Church ceased Worship.

September 2010

It feels like a very long time since we first began talking about ‘the new circuit’ and trying to work out what it might be, and what it might look like. All of a sudden, we’re up and running – what was future is now present, things have changed, are changing, and we’re trying to work out how things work now.

Yes, it’s different, and sometimes that’s uncomfortable, but actually there’s a great deal about this which feels very good. We belong to something a bit bigger than before, which means more people with different gifts and ideas. We have a great team of staff, stewards and others. It’s been great preaching in new places, meeting new people, as well as still working with familar friends and places.

Now we can really start discovering the riches we’ve got: things like Halifax’s Circuit Service and Upper Calder’s MMM (Music, Message and Ministry) celebrations are there for any who want to come along and join in – they’re all on the same Plan for the first time. Let’s get out there and meet each other. The Inaugural Service was a great start, but it was only the start.

The most important thing is that we have a job to do together. God has called us to be disciples of Jesus, to share the good news in all our churches and communities, to join with other Christians and make a difference to everyone around us. Everything we’ve done has been with the aim of giving ourselves a bigger and better platform for that work. So let’s get on with the job!

Yours in Christ

Tony Buglass and Ian Coverdale

Superintendent ministers

01/09/2010 This is the Halifax Courier report of the Service of Celebration of Welcome and New Beginnings for the Methodist Church in Calderdale.

courier report

NB The caption on the report should read "Rev. Peter Whittaker"!

Here is the Order of Service (Word Document)

30/08/2010 Canal Walk – Brighouse and Hebden Bridge, to St Paul's, Sowerby Bridge.

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