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Calderdale Methodist Circuit : Meet the Team – Circuit Stewards

Tricia Astwood MBE, Senior Circuit Steward

Born into Methodism at a very early age, my father was Manse steward, local preacher and church organist; my mother a synod rep, Girl Guide Leader and an amazing singer; I soon learnt to stay clear of anything to do with church organisation. However, repeated reminders of my heritage led me to become a Circuit Steward in 2013. Following an extremely steep learning curve, well supported by the Circuit Leadership Team I am now Senior Steward.

As a community development worker with the Council by day, and travelling all over the Circuit at other times I have been able to facilitate conversations, create networks and encourage the Church community to look out to the wider community in which it is placed. I describe this as ‘quiet evangelism’. I still sing and play the organ.

John Godfrey

Worships at Stones Methodist Church and served as a Circuit steward in the Elland & Ryburn Circuit.

Leslie Webster

A Circuit Steward since 2013, I have worshipped at Todmorden Central Methodist Church since 2013, before that I attended Lumbutts Methodist Church until it closed. My wife and I were involved in youth work for many years at Lumbutts, since then we help run the baby and toddler group at TCMC, which transferred from Lumbutts.

Since becoming a Circuit Steward I have been going round to various church councils, seeing how different churches function. My parents and elder daughter have all been circuit stewards so I knew something about how Methodists Circuits run, and it has made me realise the support that the Circuit can give to churches.

Geoff Butler
Photo of Geoff Butler

I have been the Circuit Treasurer for over two years and was recently appointed to be a Circuit Steward. I am very involved with my own church at Cross Hills, where I was the Project Manager for the new church building which was dedicated in June 2014. On the back of that I am the Project Manager for the District's redevelopment project at Touchstone in Bradford.

As is the case in small churches you have varied roles and I particularly enjoy the work with young people which I value.

Also being a member of the District Property Panel I find I have a life which is interesting to say the least.

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