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I have been in Calderdale since 2011, I came "to discover what God was doing, and to join in."  Since which I have had moments of amazement at what He is doing, and times of complete bewilderment and distress.

But, as I prepare to "sit down" after 7 years here, living and working at both ends of the Valley, I can honestly say I have seen wonderful things happen, been amongst truly inspirational people, and made some good friends, who have supported me in some difficult times.

There are still times when I find myself asking the Lord, "What are you doing to me now?". Perhaps, in retirement, I might find time to hear the answers.

If you are a visitor to this site, and contemplating a visit, or even a move into Calderdale, do come and in the midst of "God's own country", delight in all that you find.


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