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Heptonstall church

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Like many other people born of my era (born 1930) I attended a Methodist Church and eventually joined the local Youth Group. In that group we were

encouraged to lead services in church and out at the homes of housebound members. By the time we were 17 or 18 we had some experience behind us—but it became a little stale, until in 1949 I went to Cliff College for the Whitsuntide weekend.

Here I felt the blessing of the Holy Spirit and returned home full of zeal to continue the Local Preacher’s studies I had previously started. The only other female preacher in the Halifax Circuit at that time was Evelyn Chapman, so she took me in hand. At my oral examination I was petrified to see that Dr Dorothy Farrar was present, the Head of the Deaconess College at Ilkley at that time.

In spite of that I must have made a suitable impression because she said she would like to take me back with her to Ilkley. Tempting though it was, I had started a relationship with the young man who eventually became my husband. I married him in 1954 and we had a son and a daughter, and now two grandsons and two granddaughters.

Our son Chris is a Methodist Minister and his wife, Jackie, is a Local Preacher. Our daughter Judith Smith is a stalwart at Highgate Methodist Church, along with her husband Nigel, who is Captain of the Boy’s Brigade.

My husband Jack, sadly, died in 2011 but he also worked for Christ in Highgate and as a Magistrate. I received my 40 year certificate 20 years ago and have taken services at Highgate since then. Although not on the plan now, I am a Church Steward and Pastoral visitor.

I must express my gratitude that Helen sends me the Preacher’s and Worship Leader’s Newsletter, and wish to say thanks for recent prayers while Jack was ill.

The Faith lives on through all of us who believe in Jesus.

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