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I was born in 1951 in a small village called Harden near Holmfirth, the youngest of six children and I had wonderful Christian parents who always set me a good example. My dad was a local preacher and he and mum were both very involved with the Methodist Church at Hade Edge. 

In 1959 we moved to Denby Dale and the Methodist Church in Denby Dale was my spiritual home for the next twelve years.

Denby Dale had a good youth club and we were very involved in MAYC and it was at London Weekend in 1967 that I gave my life to Jesus. 

I met my husband Peter at the MAYC weekend in Cardiff in 1969 and we were married in 1971 and I then moved to Halifax. We worshipped at Bethel Church in Ovenden until 1984 and on Bethel's closure we moved to Highgate.  

We are blessed with two sons Richard (now 37 and a Circuit Steward in Grimsby) and Robert who is 35 and we have two grandchildren Tom and Ruby and are expecting a third grandchild in June.

In 1985 Peter lost his sight and was registered blind which was a great shock to all the family but our faith in God and our family and friends enabled us to cope with all that life had thrown at us.

In 1987 we held at Lay Witness Mission at Highgate and during that weekend I was filled with God's Holy Spirit and, well, life has never been the same since. For 36 years I had been a Methodist first and foremost and then I became a Christian who worshipped in a Methodist Church. I became involved in the Lay Witness movement and was a member for over twenty years.

In 1990 we went as a family to Easter People in Llandudno and it was there that I heard God clearly calling me to preach and I tested the call and was accredited in 1994 after wrestling with Faith and Worship.

We continued to attend Easter People and ECG and we attend the Anniversary Weekend at Cliff College each year.

In the past I have held offices in the former Halifax Circuit, Local Preacher's Secretary for twelve years and Circuit Steward from 1997 to 2004 as well as being Worship Convenor at Highgate.

In recent years I have found out that my great, great, great uncle was one of William Grimshaw's evangelists and often drew people to Jesus in the market places of Castleford, Wakefield and Pontefract and one of the Cliff evangelists Herbert Silverwood was an honorary uncle, so its not surprising that I class myself as a strong evangelical, but most of all I love Jesus and want to introduce other people to Him and His love.

2011 is an exciting year for me, I reach the ripe of 60 in April, I retire after working twenty years at Calderdale College and Peter and I celebrate 40 years of marriage and not only are we expecting a new grandchild we will also welcome a new guide dog into our home as Tony, Peter's guide dog of nearly nine years is due to retire.