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Calderdale Methodist Circuit : Michael Scott

Heptonstall church

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Michael preached his first sermon at Pecket Well, 'The Joy of Jesus', mostly taken from 'The Manhood of the Master' by H.E. Fosdick, the popular American preacher. Michael lived in Hebden Bridge at the time.

His Methodist minister father had graduated to Rochdale by the time Michael preached his trial sermon on 'Christian Freedom', this time inspired by Paul in Galations.

From there he slowly took off.

A seminal book for him, brought to Halifax LPM by Michael Townsend was 'Preaching in Context' by Neville Clark. This makes the preacher the shoe horn to ease the congregation into the worship it wants to wear.

He says he knows when he has preached a 'duff' sermon and, like faulty motorists, hurries away afterwards, but confesses he doesn't shun Thackeray's preacher's saying 'I'll wag my paw in the pulpit yet.'

Michael became a fully accredited Local Preacher in 1953 (it says in the 'Who's Who') and now lives in Hipperholme.

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