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My family of five came to Halifax from Malaysia when my husband Kam got his first job as a Senior House Officer in Casualty at the old Halifax Infirmary back in 1980.  He’s now a retired GP and I am semi-retired as a Midwife and Acupuncturist. Our three sons Ivan, David and Peter are now grown and flown. God bless Ivan and wife Sally with two kids Melissa and George.

We came to St Andrew’s church in 1981. I remembered Martin Turner knocking at our door just after we moved from the Hospital accommodation to Huddersfield Road right opposite the church and introduced himself as the then Minister of St Andrews. We have been members since. Through the years I had been church council member twice, read the lessons, volunteered with counting the offerings, involved with the evangelical task force and presently a pastoral visitor and an accredited local preacher.

My Christian journey began when I accepted Jesus as my Saviour at 14. I was born into a Buddhist background and one of my daily chores was to place incense sticks in front of the family’s ancestral gods who were in front of the house, within the house and behind the house. Hence, the awareness of God’s presence all around me was felt at an early age of 7-8 years of age. Malaysia is a Muslim country but fortunately the cosmopolitan population of Chinese, Indians (Asians to you) and Malays get along well to have the freedom to worship in a variety of religions such as Buddhism, Tamil, Islam and Christianity. Although I accepted Jesus at 14, it was three years later when my parents allowed me to be baptised. I was the fifth child of seven, but the first to become a Christian. They did not know how to handle this! So at 17 I had the go ahead for my baptism at Wesley Methodist in Penang.

My first contact with church was when I joined the Girls’ Brigade at 11 years of age. There I learned about the Bible and had to memorise scripture verses in order to pass the scripture test to earn a badge for my sleeve. Regular attendance at Sunday Schools was to gain silver stars to line the breast pocket. The incentive to study the Bible was to pass these tests.

A year later I started my nursing career in Sydney Australia. During my training I met my husband at a Baptist Church and we had our first son. We returned to Malaysia for four years and God blessed us with two more sons before we came to England in 1980. I began my midwifery career in 1984 in Halifax and was seconded by the Trust to study acupuncture in Beijing, China in 2000. My call to preach came in early 1993 and went on note in June and was accredited in 1998. It had been an academic as well as a spiritual journey since, juggling with full time work and ongoing studies for a Bachelor’s Degree as well as the Faith and worship Course. Later, I also felt called to study for a Masters degree in Professional Health Education in 2007 when I was about to retire but thankfully with God’s help I managed to complete it in July 2011. I thank God for the many opportunities to further my knowledge academically and spiritually and the ability the complete them.

Since my accreditation, my journey as a local preacher has taken me to many churches, met many interesting people in the congregation, fellowship with peer preachers and most of all deepening my Bible knowledge as I prepare the sermons. So far, it’s a journey to do with the mind more than the heart. I am praying that from now on it will be a heartfelt journey to have a closer walk with Jesus. Many of us who are believers, need to re-evangelise ourselves to be right with God. We have opened our hearts and minds to Him but many are still keeping the safety chain in place in our hearts. ‘Evangelism’ is the call we have answered to allow Christ to reconcile us to the Father by paying for our sins. ‘Evangelism to the heart’ is the call we must answer daily to turn our hearts toward the One who has once and for all provided us with such a blessed gift. I am still learning to slowly let go of this safety chain to my heart. At this next stage of my life in my mature years I hope to avail myself more to God’s work. I will continue to pray for His leading and for open opportunities in mission matters where I feel called to serve. Amen.

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