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Calderdale Methodist Circuit : Ebenezer Methodist Church

605 Bailiffe Bridge, Brighouse HD6 4DN

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Minister – Rev Steph Jenner. Email Steph

Sadly the final worship at Ebenezer took place on Sunday 9 September 2012.

David Glover, a lifelong member of Ebenezer, and its final senior steward has written ...

Ebenezer formally closed its doors on 31st December 2012 after about 150 years since it first established a Methodist presence in Bailiffe Bridge. Some of the congregation have started regular attendance at various churches where they have found a warm welcome. Others have still to decide what to do or where to go.

Most of the equipment and useful furniture has been transferred to suitable premises – mainly churches in the area. The Moravians at Lower Wyke sent thanks for a kitchen boiler and tables.

We were particularly pleased when New Road Independent Family Church at Rastrick accepted the pulpit and communion table as well as the chairs from the worship area. Maurice Pearson wrote in their letter of appreciation “It is good when one church can help another in this way”.

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