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It was on Whit Sunday 1947 that I was baptised at Lindwell Methodist Church, and that has been a part of my life ever since. That is apart from a period of three years when I was away at college studying quantity surveying, when I and the church seemed in two different worlds. Then one Sunday, I went back, as if I had never been away, and I have been there ever since.

There is now Greetland and Lindwell and my involvement in church and circuit, over the years, has been a significant part of my life.

I have been a chartered surveyor for 40 years and a Fellow since 1989. I had 31 years at John Laing (including the Halifax BS Head Office) and when I took early retirement I spent 7 years at The Shay and eventually helped in getting the East Stand completed. I was a director of Pennine Housing from its inception in 2000, being initially appointed for my construction expertise. I was Chair of the Board in the last 4 years of my 10 years service, and am now on the board of the parent company Together, which is responsible for 35,000 properties across the North of England.

At Lindwell I was a sunday school teacher and a member of the Lindwell Group preaching round the circuit (my first sermon was at Wall Nook in about 1965) before I went to college.

Then when I saw the light from 1970, I was on the Church Council, Property Steward, Church Secretary, and have been Church Treasurer since 1991 (6 year rule lives - ok:??) I was Circuit Steward of the Elland & Greetland Circuit between 1975 and 1979. I was a member of the Drama Group at Lindwell as an actor, then director, and also in the pantomimes, which I have now directed for a number of years.

I find my current roles to be tremendously fulfilling especially as a worship leader with all the many ways we are able to maintain our ministry through sunday school, JC's, Youthie, SonRise, Pantomime, Messy Church et al, I am also the 'Project Manager' for our aim to have a new church building at Greetland, again there has been much joy and fellowship in the last 18 months as we have been looking at our mission and seeing how a new building will be able to facilitate our work within the church and the wider community.