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As a child I had to attend Church services and Sunday School every week at Mytholmroyd Methodist Church. I married Brett in 1981 and during the early years of my marriage stopped attending Church until my two children, Nicola and Matthew were born. I came back to worship and wanted my children to have a Christian upbringing so started attending regularly again. I was asked to become a Sunday School teacher and had many happy years doing this, however as the number of children attending kept getting less, and the need for Sunday School ceased, I, along with two of the other teachers started taking the occasional service at Mytholmroyd. We eventually became the Mytholmroyd Worship Team and now share these services with other churches in the circuit.

Angela and myself recently attended the Worship Leaders course which we feel has helped to improve our preparation and presentation skills.

I have worked as a practice nurse in our local GP surgery since 1990, becoming the manager of the nurse team in 2006.

Brett and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this year, Nicola married Simon in August in Sorrento, Italy and Matthew is to marry his partner Julia at Mytholmroyd Methodist Church in April 2012. Matthew and Julia gave us our first grandchild, Oscar, in May 2010.