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I am small, just over five feet with two brothers (my 'little' brothers) of more than 6 feet. I managed to choose a more appropriately sized husband in George. My father, despite being a poultry farmer, always said he had not found the right kind of 'muck' to put in my boots.

I went through the school system & then trained as a teacher at Ripon.

I first became associated with the Girl Crusaders Union (GCU) whilst in 6th form. This was very significant in my spiritual journey. I was part of the Methodist Church at Akroydon Chapel from being a toddler. I was still quite young when I first sat up in the choir stalls in my flowery bonnet. Although I attended often 3 times on a Sunday I did not feel a real challenge to my walk with God until I joined the GCU. It was not just the excellent teaching I received it was the daily practical witness I saw in the lives of young people my own age. At a GCU house party after listening to Miss Evelyn Booth Clibborn (General Booth’s grandaughter) I made that personal commitment of faith.

I remained as a leader in the GCU for many years.

‘What is a Mission Band?’ I was foolish enough to ask when I first went to Manse Fellowship in Ripon. It was never explained! I was just told that I could give a testimony on the next one. It was during this three year brush with Mission Bands that I first had experience of taking part in a service, leading, praying, singing & eventually preaching. Years later Bob Lomax encouraged me to become a local preacher.

BUT what did God want of me? Two things happened ;

The 2nd first – Arnold Halstead lost his voice 30 minutes before Salem’s Easter Sunday service, so I would lead & he would preach. 3 minutes before the service I was told I needed to give a children’s address – which I did.

The other event was at a GCU weekend conference. After a meeting I was thinking again about preaching. I remember saying to God ‘If You want me to be a preacher You will have to make it clear.’ The words came back, ‘Haven't I given you enough reassurance? What else do you want Me to say?’

Who could argue with that! So next time Bob Lomax said ‘How about it?’ I said ‘OK!!’. That was almost 30 years ago ...