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Calderdale Methodist Circuit : Tim Asquith

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Photo Tim Asquith

Jonathan, Eleanor and me. I’m the big one.

Born at a very early age, I was brought up in Batley the son of Methodist parents. There not being much else to do in Batley – it was voted the second most boring town in the country during my teenage years – I regularly went to church with my family, and made a commitment to Christ at the age of sixteen.

Just before I left home for university I was given a “virtual” and “retrospective” Note to Preach (I never actually saw it) and placed On Trial. Seven years later I finally became accredited, a few months after getting married and moving to Southowram. We have two children.

Since graduation I’ve been working as a Structural Engineer, and designed the machine that cooked the world’s longest kebab in 1994.

A significant number of supermarkets, shopping centres, schools, offices, warehouses, retaining walls and a church have also failed to fall down, thanks to me.

Outside work, family and church commitments I follow the Batley Bulldogs Rugby League team (winners of the 2010 Northern Rail Cup – hurrah!) whenever possible. I also enjoy fell walking, reading and single malt whisky, amongst other interests.

In January I took up karate and the bass guitar. My aim is to join a rock band and go on a world tour AND get my black belt before I’m fifty.