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Calderdale Methodist Circuit : Personnel Profiles

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Local Preachers

Tim Asquith

Mr David Brackenridge

Stuart Brook

Mr Craig Brown

Hal Clarkson

Miss Alison Dobson

Eilidh Gunson

Mrs Linda Guy

Dr John Hargreaves

Val Heward

Andrew Jacobs

Mrs Janet Lawton

Kathleen Melling

Roger Munday

Sue Ng

Mr Chris Partington

Mrs Janet Revill

Chris Robinson

Mr Ian Slim

Mrs Linda Smith

Miss Carolyn Stafford

Helen Stafford

Caroline Stead

Mandy Stoner

Mrs Debbie Story

Julie Taylor

Wendy Tolson

John Travis

Sue Watson

Mr Jonathan Whittaker

Mr David Wilkinson

Pastoral Workers

Mrs Paula Prosser

Mrs Stella Christie

Pamela Hales

Sharon Longman

Janet Revill


Rev. Graham Smith

Circuit Heritage Mission Enabler

John Wilson

If your name is black, please send a paragraph about yourself and a photo in an email to Anthony Greenwood. Webmaster: Email Anthony For a full list of personnel, Download the Current Plan.