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Calderdale Methodist Circuit : Best Foot Forward for Facing the Challenge

Following our church Facing the Challenge discussions we would propose a number of steps forward (initiatives) that we believe respond to the needs and requirements expressed by the churches during the discussions and in the reports that they subsequently produced.

These steps are not meant to be universal panaceas for all our “ills” but are meant to provide various ways of taking steps forward in our worship, mission, staffing, organisation and our management of our properties. Not all of these steps will be fully successful. We will monitor and evaluate the progress of the individual steps in order to keep us on track.


  • Use “Jesus-shaped people” programme in the circuit
  • Encourage the use of “themed” series of services across the circuit
  • Run special circuit events/services to show new styles of worship (e.g. “Messy Church”)

Responds to:

  • wish to have more non-traditional worship
  • support for spiritual development


  • Continue with Busoasis extension/expansion (we will talk to churches about possible ways of using Busoasis)
  • Provide learning & development grants
  • Provide mission grants
  • Provide an organised support for Heritage churches

Responds to:

  • Busoasis is positive initiative
  • financial support & encouragement of mission & learning/development initiatives
  • general support for heritage activities


  • Future staff deployment. Work towards staff deployment for 2017
  • Provide shared-funding for grants/support for lay worker projects (first step is analysis of requirements)

Responds to:

  • need for improved organising of resources
  • need to support & develop family & children's ministry


  • Run church health audits across the whole circuit
  • Install evaluation & updating systems for church planning
  • Improve training
  • (examples)
    • use of IT for comms & publicity
    • safeguarding
    • dementia training
    • property matters

Responds to:

  • perception that planning/monitoring has helped some churches respond better to changes
  • concern for how we deal with dementia issues
  • general concern for safeguarding issues
  • wish to make better use of IT for communications & publicity


  • Provide grants/loans for property development
  • Provide specialized advice on property
  • Provide advice on Health & Safety policies and practices

Responds to:

  • need to support churches property improvements
  • need for specialised advice on property
  • need to encourage best practice for H & S