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Calderdale Methodist Circuit : Facing the Challenge Conversations

Every church community has now been visited visited by members of the leadership team. These visits were aimed at helping the local church evaluate present challenges and what plans they have for the next five years.

Here is a table showing the details of the church conversations and linking to the church reports produced after those visits

Bethesdax28/03/201510.30-12.30link to report (.docx) 
Blackshawheadx28/02/201510.30-12.30link to report (.doc) 
Boothtown & Southowramx03/02/201519.30-21.30link to report (.docx) 
Central, Brighousex12/11/201419.30-21.30link to report (.docx) 
Central, Todmordenx23/02/201519.30-21.30link to report (PDF) 
Christ Churchx27/04/201419.00-21.00link to report (PDF)updated September 2016
Cliftonx01/03/201513.00-15.00link to report (.doc) 
Cross Hillsx12/03/201519.30-21.30link to report (.doc) 
Hebden Bridgex16/11/201413.00-15.00link to report (PDF) 
Heptonstallx11/01/201513.00-15.00link to report (.docx) 
Highgate, Pellonx26/07/201410.00-12.00link to report (PDF) 
Illingworth Moorx02/12/201419.30-21.30link to report (.docx)
Luddenden Foot URCx19/11/201419.30-21.30  
Mount Taborx12/11/201419.30-21.30link to report (.docx) 
Salem, Halifaxx30/11/201413.00-15.00link to report (PDF) 
Southgate, Ellandx8/11/201410.00-12.00link to report (.docx) 
St Andrew's, Halifaxx07/06/201414.00-16.00link to report (.docx) 
St Matthew's LEP, Rastrick    to be planned for May/June 2015
St Paul'sx11/04/201510.30-12.30link to report (.docx) 
Stonesx24/01/201510.30-12.30link to report (.docx) 
Worship Leadersx19/02/201519.30-21.30